Friday, May 4, 2018

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Uncompromising Honor by David Weber

This is the latest volume in Weber's Honor Harrington series. In the last couple of books in the series the conflict with the Solarian Federation has been ramping up with the Mesan Alignment egging everyone along from the sidelines. Weber's MO with past books is either side beats the crap out of each other with the tide shifting back and forth until Manticore and Harrington coming out on top in the end.

SPOILER. Kinda, Sorta.

I had expected the usual back and forth for at least a couple more novels. Nope. The conflict with the Sollies is brought to an end. If not for the Alignment still being out there to cause trouble I'd say this could be a satisfying end to the series. I hope not. Read it. You won't be disappointed.


Veeshir said...

I forgot you could get some books early directly from Baen, I've been looking forward to this book but Amazon won't have it until October or something.

I really need to hang out at Baen much more. I used to, but I've gotten out of the habit.

kahr40 said...

Yeah. Their eARCS are a bit more than the usual cost of an ebook BUT not so much more to not make it worth it. That and their book bundles are actually a hell of a deal.