Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pro-Second Amendment School Walkout

Students Across the Country Walk Out of School in Defense of Gun Rights
It's noted that more students participated in the anti-gun walkout. I'd suggest that was because school administrators sanctioned one and opposed the other.
• (Cape Coral, Florida): "Students at Ida Baker High School tell us as few as three people willingly left school Wednesday as part of the planned walkout. One student said several students changed their mind after administrators told them there would be school disciplinary action taken for those skipping class."

• Yakima Herald (Washington): "The local demonstration's coordinator, Aubrie Bosworth, a junior at Eisenhower High School, said she chose to walk out of school without alerting school officials after seeing their response to the walkouts on March 14...'When there was the nationally planned walkout, my school decided to do a mandatory assembly and put security guards on all of the doors during the time that the walkout was supposed to go on...I was offended that they'd stopped the kids from exercising their First Amendment rights ...and with this one, it was obvious that the school wouldn't support any kind of we decided to do this by ourselves.' Yakima School District spokeswoman Kirsten Fitterer said staff members were placed by school exits Wednesday to inform any students participating in the walkout that they could face disciplinary action."

• Greenwich Time (Connecticut): Greenwich High School sophomore Anastasia Zygmont, one of the organizers, "said gun-rights advocates at the school were not being heard in a larger debate dominated by gun-reform advocates. 'A lot of the time at Greenwich High School, Republicans are suppressed and we're not allowed to voice our own opinions,' Zygmont said....Co-organizer Juliana Salamone, a senior, said she tried to publicize the event on a student-moderated GHS Facebook group but she was blocked and her post was deleted. 'The school is very liberal,' Zygmont said. 'It has very liberal views. The principal is liberal and often times saying something, the littlest thing, that could 'trigger' somebody, is frowned upon.'"

Wonder how much more of that happened.

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