Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trump Fires Comey

Trump fires FBI Director Comey
I'm not sure this surprises me at all. What it doesn't do is bother me. Adding intent to a Federal statute that doesn't require it just so he could avoid recommending charges is enough for me. On the other hand, expecting no politics from a post that is political in nature is senseless. Now I expect the Democrats to rally 'round Comey because "Trump".

[UPDATE] What I said.

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Anonymous said...

This dismissal has produced no end of entertainment.

The always-quotable Maxine Waters, who for months condemned Comey as having "no credibility," and saying she would support Hillary Clinton for firing him "when she takes office," condemned the dismissal, requiring mental gymnastics so impressive that for a few seconds the interviewers on MSNBC couldn't keep straight faces. Their masks actually cracked in front of the camera. Not, of course, that the public cares very much so long as they have their Sunday afternoon "foobaw" to watch.