Friday, March 24, 2017

Some people can't open their mouths...

...or put pen to paper without stupid coming out.
Opposing Teams Should Boycott Playing Arkansas if Concealed Weapons Are Allowed at Games
Missouri passed campus carry the other day and their Governor signed it into law. Kyle Koster, over at USA Today, has a problem with it. Here's the core of his blather...
No matter one’s beliefs about the Second Amendment, the new measure will likely create a situation where one group of people are allowed to carry and others are not. It’s not reasonable to believe players who have a permit and complete the required training will be allowed to have weapons during games. At the very least, team rules will be put in place to assure this is the case. How are you going to ask athletes to surrender the rights afforded to fans?

That, of course, is a lesser concern. The more pressing one is how fans, who can get unruly and irrational during games, will handle this new ability. Staunch proponents would argue this is a non-issue but they should concede that there will be a faction of fans and players who feel more unsafe than before.

Yes. There will be one group of people allowed to carry and others who are not. That would be those who undergo the bureaucratic hassle and training required to get government permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights as opposed to those who don't and carry anyway. The first group can be trusted to carry. The second group may be trusted to carry but that's a flip of the coin. In any event, CCW permit holders aren't the problem. Athletes who go to that hassle to get a CCW permit won't be a problem because they are bright enough to know when to carry and when not to. My experience with the majority of CCW permit holders is that they are respectful of others and go out of their way to avoid trouble.

Then Koster falls back on the tired gun banner's argument that if some change occurs in gun laws that loosens restriction on carry, there will be blood in the streets, or in this case athletic field. Koster and his ilk have been claiming this since Florida first passed shall issue CCW legislation in the 80's. Didn't happen n Florida. Hasn't happened anywhere else. Tired. Old. Arguments. But then, that's all they have isn't it. Oh, and threats like this one to boycott Missouri. Pathetic little sh... isn't he?

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