Friday, March 31, 2017

Ghost in the Shell [2017]

I went to see Ghost in the Shell tonight. I'm a big fan of the original anime andits: Stand Alone Complex series and movie. I wasn't sure what to expect, and I made the mistake of going when I was tired. Pleasantly surprised, I was. The most you can expect in a remake of this sort is that they honor the spirit of the original. I think they accomplished that. Good cast all around. Good story and good use of effects. I don't know if it will do well enough for follow-up, but I have hopes.


thinkingman said...

I was a fan of the anime original series and Stand Alone Complex. I have NOT seen the movie, and have mixed feelings based on the trailer, as far as major departures from the story line. I guess the "laughing man" thing and the original backstory for the Major ( yeah, that too. In the trailer, it seems as though Major is her name, and not her rank, as in "call Major " instead of "Call the Major "; not that this is an exact quote, but an illustration )is a bit too complicated for an audience that will spend a good bit of their theater time texting. Will not go into a bunch of detail here- don't want to fire off a bunch of spoilers ( nor do I want to be accused of same ). Will I see it? Probably- on DVD.

kahr40 said...

She has a rank of Major in the movie and a name. There is neat twist for fans at the end regarding her name. This is based on the original movie so no Laughing Man. As far as the backstory that changes with the current iteration of the story. GITS: Stand Alone Complex was an alternative story line to the original and GITS: Arise is and alternative to all that preceded it. I expected some changes in the live action version. They weren't so far afield that it ruined the movie for me.