Thursday, July 30, 2015

Who do we thank for this?

Another NRA Defeat: North Carolina Moms Successfully Defend Handgun Background Check Requirement From Gun Lobby-Backed Repeal Effort
That distinction would go to these 34 Republicans. They can claim their vote was a law and order vote. they voted to strip the permit repeal from the bill at the behest of the North Carolina Sheriff's Association, but their actions gave bragging rights to Bloomberg and his minions. They stabbed the people who helped put them in office in the back. We need to remember these people in the next election cycle. We need to send every damn one of them home.

Marilyn Avila
Hugh Blackwell
James L. Boles
William Brawley
Rob Bryan
N. Leo Daughtry
Ted Davis Jr.
Josh Dobson
John Faircloth
John A. Fraley
Bryan R. Holloway
D. Craig Horn
Julia C. Howard
Pat B. Hurley
Frank Iler
Charles Jeter
Linda P. Johnson
Donny Lambeth
James H. Langdon Jr.
Chris Malone
Pat McElraft
Chuck McGrady
Allen McNeill
Gary Pendleton
Dennis Riddell
George S. Robinson
Stephen Ross
Paul Stam (Chair)
Sarah StevensPaul Tine
Rena W. Turner
Harry Warren
Sam Watford
Lee Zachary

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