Saturday, October 5, 2013

What does a little research gain you?

You'd think that after writing dozens of best selling novels and making millions on same that you'd take just a bit of time to do a bit of research and get the details right. I guess it's arrogance or an assumption that your audience doesn't know or care that allows such sloppiness. The little details count Mr. King. I haven't read one of your novels in over twenty-five years, and now I won't read another. At least I didn't waste any money on it.


Veeshir said...

I stopped reading his books long ago.

The Gunslinger series ticked me off the way he just stopped writing them. That, and starting with Christine, you could tell he was writing books for the movie.

kahr40 said...

I only picked it up because it was a sequel to The Shining which I really enjoyed.

Lesson learned.

Veeshir said...

I didn't realize there was a sequel to the Shining.

I'm glad you saw it first, I might have wasted my time on that. That was a darn good book.

I used to really like his books, but "sell-out" doesn't begin to explain him.