Friday, May 7, 2010

I’m all for stopping terrorists. I’m even...

...ok with stretching the rules a tad to make work easier for the good guys. Under no means do I support drop kicking due process out the window so that gun control supporters like Mikey Bloomberg can use the no fly list to strip people of their Constitutional rights. Bloomberg wants people on the no fly list barred from purchasing firearms. The no fly list is so screwed up no “reasonable” person should even consider using it as a standard for anything even its current purpose. Little kids have been barred from flying because they share a name with someone on the list. Appealing your name on the list is next to impossible. No one even really understands the Feds process for putting someone on the list but we’re supposed use it as a standard for stripping a person of their rights. This is what Bloomberg wants us at the mercy of so he can further his gun control agenda. My right to possess and carry a firearm is a Constitutional, civil, and human right. I won’t give 'em up. Read into that what you will.

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