Wednesday, January 2, 2019

How Many Guns are There in the USA?

The writer argues that there is no correlation between our homicide rate and the number of guns in the good old USA. That argument is interesting in and of itself but it was the quote on the number of guns in the USA that struck me and how much it would cost to confiscate them all. Under the "Australian" model: trillions, and that's will Australian level compliance which was maybe 30%. Under the New York SAFE ACT compliance was around 40% in a blue state. In a red state don't hold your breath.
By his take, it’s quite possible that the total number of guns is vastly under reported, and the true number is between 329 million and 660 million, with a reasonable guess being 413 million firearms.
Here's the article he got his numbers from.
Total US Firearms: Not 300 Million, but 412-660 Million?
The Left is living in a gun control confiscation fantasy.

[UPDATE] Erie Co. Clerk: 69 percent of pistol permit holders are not in compliance of law

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