Monday, January 8, 2018

Recently Read

Weapons of Choice by John Birmingham

A naval task force from 2019 is dropped through time into U. S. forces head to Midway in 1942. I read this when it originally came out but not since. If you favor alternative histories, this is for you. Recommended.


Veeshir said...

I've been rereading a tale of a WWI destroyer and some other ships in the Pacific, in early WWII, being swept into a parallel Earth where something never killed off the dinosaurs, the only people come the same way and the wildlife is very different.
It's a long series, like 10 or 11 books, but it stays pretty good.
The author is Taylor Anderson.

It's sorta like Forstchen's very excellent Lost Regiment series.

Veeshir said...

I should have said, ...the only humans there came the same way... there are different intelligent species there.

kahr40 said...

Yes. I've been reading the Anderson books since day one. they were a pleasant surprise. I also liked the Lost Regiment books. I wish he would do more in that universe. A lot of missed potential there. Maybe he should share the world like Eric flint does his 1632 universe.

kahr40 said...

BTW, new Anderson book in October

Veeshir said...

I'm looking forward to that new Ander son book.
Forstchen is a very good writer but he starts series and doesn't finish them too much for me.
Down to the Sea is a new series in the Lost Regiment universe but he didn't keep going.
Crystal Sorcerers ends with the implication of another book and 1945 explicitly says it'll be continued but he and Newt never do.

Veeshir said...

I'm looking forward to that book in October.

Forstchen did start to continue the Lost Regiment series with Down to the Sea.
If you haven't read it, don't. It starts with all new enemies against the kids of the Regiment and even the son of the steamer captain, but stops on a cliffhanger and never continues.

He has a habit of stopping series on hangers.
The excellent Crystal Sorcerers ends with the next book set up, that book never comes.

The worst is 1945 by him and Newt Gingrich, it's darn good but explicitly says there will be another book. There isn't.

That always bothers me.
Ringo's Eye of the Storm is another of those and the finale I really wanted to read was the promised last book in the Janissaries series by Pournelle.

kahr40 said...

Read 'em all and agree. I keep hoping Ringo with get back to that series but I'm not holding my breath.