Saturday, November 12, 2016

D is for Delusional

Clinton Camp Claims Media Was Pro-Trump, Blames Them For ‘Devastating’ Loss
Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss
Hillary is responsibly for Hillary losing. She was utterly unlikable in every respect. Her dishonestly and corruption were plain to see. Only hard core Democrats, the dead, and pardoned felons voted for her. Well OK. maybe it's a coincidence that Hillary won by 60,0000 votes in Virginia and McAuliffe pardoned 60,000 felons. The Democrats keeping ignoring the obvious. They lost the election themselves with no one else to blame.


Billll said...

There's that assumption that 60K pardoned felons up and voted as a block for Hillary. I suspect that of the 60K, no more than 20K actually voted and about 1/3 of those voted for Trump.

Might be a fun project for a somewhat discredited polling firm to take on in the off season.

kahr40 said...

Probably had to turn n their absentee ballot before they were given the pardon.

kahr40 said...

Also, hell of a coincidence isn't it?