Sunday, November 30, 2008

Repairman Jack: By the Sword

I just finished reading By the Sword: a Repairman Jack Novel. I recommend it with some qualifications. I like Jack. He's a fixer. Well, essentially he's a merc for hire. He lives below the radar. As far of the government is concerned he doesn't exist. He has a moral compass so there are things he won't do. The previous novels have him being drawn into a battle of supernatural forces: good vs. evil. They are all good reads. The qualification is you can't really read this novel and understand what's going on if you haven't read the others. They also seem to be more and more formula. There ain't much to surprise you here. That's ok with me because I like the character and sometimes it how you get to the end not the end which by the way is already known. Wilson has already written the last novel in the series: Nightworld. Last: I'd really like to see more of Jack outside the supernatural realm. That was the original attractions for me: an independent man making his own way in the world. Oh well, read and enjoy.

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